Magical Chronicles: The Secret World of MGS in JGS

Hi, my name is Viraj, I am Student of prestigious school JGS. Where the subjects are English, Math’s, Science, Social, Telugu, Hindi, Computers, Robotics. Guess what, this is for the outside world, even my father thinks the same. Let me unveil a big secret of my life. Inside JGS there exists a hidden and enchanting place called Magical Grammar School (MGS). It’s a secret school filled with magic and wonder, and only a few of us special kids with extraordinary talents are selected to attend.

Allow me to share what they teach us at school. Our day starts like any regular kid. Every day, my mother drops me off at school, and I walk into JGS just like the other students. But unlike the rest, we magical kids are aware of a secret passage. Only we can see or access it, and it’s protected by magic. To enter, we must utter three magical words – “magic is beautiful.”

At the MGS, we learn all sorts of magical arts, different from the regular subjects we study in JGS. Let me take you on a magical journey and reveal what we learn in each class.

First, we have the Fun Magic class, taught by a playful and cheerful clown. In this class, we learn how to make people laugh and smile using magic tricks like pulling pigeons, balloons, and rabbits out of a magic hat. We also learn the art of making things disappear and then reappear, which never fails to amaze everyone.

Next comes the Helpful Magic class. Our teacher teaches us how to use magic to make the world a better place. We learn spells to clean classrooms in a snap, conjure food to feed the hungry, and help the less fortunate in their daily tasks. The MGS emphasizes that magic is not just for us, but it can be a force for good to help others.

My personal favorite is the Useful Magic class. With the power of magic, my life has become so much easier. We learn spells to make our brushes automatically brush our teeth, and soap and water assist us in taking a bath effortlessly. We can change our clothes with a simple incantation, complete our homework, and even tidy up our room with the flick of a wand. Anything we can imagine; magic can make it happen.

In the class of Entertainment Magic class, we experience the thrill of adventure without leaving our seats. With a wave of our hand, we create dazzling fireworks that light up the sky. We can immerse ourselves in a high-speed car chase movie or visit magical places like Disney land to enjoy rides and all the delicious treats we desire.

However, not all magic is light and fun. There’s a class called Dark Magic class, where we learn to handle spooky and scary things. Just like how we can’t avoid Maths in regular school, We can’t avoid Dark Magic in magic school. Although it might be frightening, it’s essential for us to understand this aspect of magic. We can summon ghosts, create spooky atmospheres, and even make people fly with our spells.

Finally, the most interesting class is Power Magic class. Here, we are taught how to harness our magical powers and use them responsibly. We learn how to stand against evil, throw fireballs with our palms, and create protective shields when defending ourselves. The strength of our magic depends on the goodness and strength in our hearts.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of this secret magical world, and I hope my father never discovers this extraordinary part of my life. Magic has made me see the world with new eyes, and I can’t wait to explore more wonders that lie ahead in the Magical Grammar School!