The Girl with the Ever-Growing Hair

Once upon a twinkling, there was a cheerful girl named Nisha. Nisha had hair so lovely it shimmered like gold under the sun. But there was a twist! Every morning, Nisha woke up with her hair grown long, as long as a snake. It was a curious problem, you see. Before she could go out to play, she had to cut her long, luscious hair, only to find it grown back again by the next morning! This hair puzzle was quite a challenge for her.

In school, instead of marveling at her unique hair, some of the other children would tease her. Nisha wished for a friend, someone who could understand her, share her laughter, and dry her tears. She often played alone, and home was her favourite place where she felt comfortable.

Then one bright morning, a clever boy named Viraj joined her school. Viraj was a special boy. He was not just rich but also incredibly smart, arriving to school in a glittering car made of diamonds. He had a sharp mind that helped him get full marks on all his exams and speedy legs that made him the fastest in sports.

Nisha and Viraj quickly became friends. They giggled together at school, studied for their tests together, and shared countless fun moments. It was as if Nisha had found a rainbow after a long rainy day.

One day, Viraj was so tired that Nisha’s parents asked him to stay the night at their house. Nisha was worried that Viraj would discover her hair secret. When Viraj woke up the next morning, he was amazed to see Nisha’s incredibly long hair. Poor Nisha was so upset that she began to cry. But kind Viraj comforted her and said, “Nisha, let’s figure this out together.”

And so, they embarked on a quest for a solution. After much searching, they heard of a magical lake high up in the mountains. The legends said that anyone who drank the water from this lake would be free of any trouble. So, they made a brave decision to climb the mountain with their school friends.

The mountain was steep, and the climb was hard, especially for little children. But smart Viraj, always quick-thinking, climbed up first and dropped a rope for everyone else.

When Nisha finally reached the beautiful, blue-colored lake, she took a sip of its magical water. As if by enchantment, her hair stopped its peculiar growing!

Meanwhile, a few excited friends had jumped into the lake for a swim. Suddenly, they found themselves covered in hair from head to toe! They understood that they shouldn’t have jumped into the magic lake and began crying. Viraj, the wise friend, prayed to the lake to undo the magic and gave them some of the magical water to drink. They quickly turned back to normal.

After their adventurous day, the children played happily near the mountain and then returned home. Nisha was delighted, her problem solved, and from then on, she and Viraj remained the best of friends, always ready for another magical adventure.