The Magical Golden Fish

Once up on a time there used to be a group of sixty-four fish in a beautiful ocean. One of them had a magical power to speak. They used to enjoy every day by playing and going to school.

In their school they used to teach the fish how to swim, how to dance and how to catch and eat small worms. They used to have a beautiful playground with beautiful trees, colorful sand, slides, and benches to sit and chat with each other.

The name of the magical golden fish is Niko. Niko used to stay with her parents in a big house. Niko made its house exceptionally beautiful by searching the ocean and getting the best pebbles and pearls. He decorated the house with seashells and diamonds which used to give a lot of light.

One day there came a bad crocodile named croco. It got jealous of school and the group of fishes. It started eating one fish every day and started spoiling school. It tried to play in the school playground, but as it was a big crocodile, it spoiled all the games.

All the fish got scared and stopped going to school. Niko was very bored at house and was feeling very lonely. As he has magical powers, he swam to the surface and started asking for help. Niko found Viraj who was playing on the beach with his mother. Niko went and asked Viraj for help.

Viraj was incredibly surprised that a fish was speaking to him. He could not believe what he was hearing. He ran to his mother and said the same thing. His mother did not believe him and asked him to go and play calmly. Viraj found it interesting and went to Niko again. Slowly he took Niko into his hands and asked him what his name is and how he is able to talk. Niko told him his name and explained to him that he has magical powers.

Niko also explained to Viraj that his friends are in danger with croco the crocodile. Viraj was scared a little to come and fight with the croco. He went home and brought sword and shield to kill croco. He also bought a mask to able to breath under water. Both swam to the bottom of the ocean to defeat and kill croco.

Croco was a special crocodile, who can blow fire even inside water. It started blowing hot fire on Viraj and Niko. Viraj held a shield to protect himself and Niko from fire. Niko used magical power and used some rope and tied the crocos mouth. It could not blow fire anymore. And then Viraj jumped on to the croco and cut crocos tail with his sword. Croco started crying and running. Niko gave power to Viraj to appear and disappear wherever he wanted. So, he started appearing in front of croco wherever he was running to. Croco ran and ran and ran and got tired completely. Croco got terribly angry and swallowed Viraj completely. Viraj took his sword inside crocos belly and cut it in to half and came out and with that he defeated and killed croco.

Niko was incredibly happy and started rebuilding the school. Very soon all the other fish came to school again.

Niko was playing with friends and did not feel lonely anymore. Viraj regularly swam to the bottom of the ocean to play with Niko and his friends.

Niko used his magic to turn into a human and played with Viraj on the beach. Both started surfing on the ocean waves.

There was a shark named Snoopy. It spotted them and was waiting for a perfect opportunity to catch and eat them. It was hungry so it attacked Viraj and Niko. Both got away and came out of the ocean and went to a temple and preyed God to keep them safe from all problems. Snoopy the shark which cannot come out of the water was waiting on the beach for opportunity. It got an idea and called his friend Jill the snake. It asked Jill to go and get Viraj and Niko for him.

God was impressed with Viraj and Niko and gave them shield to protect themselves from any problem. They came out of the temple and a snake attacked them. As they were protected by shield. it could not bite them. It was a powerful shield, as soon as snake tried to touch them, a big shock came from sky and threw the snake far away.

Viraj and Niko started surfing on the beach again. As they were protected by shield, shark could not do anything. So, it agreed that it is defeated and went away.

From that day Viraj and Niko stayed friends forever. The End.

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